New Sarpy HVAC Services

Most people don’t realize this, but the indoor air quality of your house can have a serious impact on your health and your mood. Therefore, you should go above and beyond to ensure that you and your family are breathing clean and healthy air.

BSD Air Duct Cleaning is an indoor air control company offering New Sarpy HVAC services. We have been operating in New Orleans for years with a team of industry veterans who have spent decades learning about the latest technologies and procedures for the maintenance of HVAC systems. We offer all kinds of HVAC services to cater to all HVAC-related problems.

New Sarpy HVAC Services

BSD Air Duct Cleaning was established with a clear goal in mind: to offer a cleaner and healthier indoor air quality to its clients. Your HVAC system majorly contributes to your indoor air quality. Therefore, you should always make sure that your HVAC system is maintained and cleaned. Apart from hiring an HVAC expert for bi-annual inspections, you should follow these tips to maintain healthy indoor air quality.

1. Make Sure Your Furnace Blower Is On

According to our HVAC experts, the best way to improve your indoor air quality is to turn on your furnace blower by opting for New Sarpy HVAC Services. This will ensure that the air in your house is recirculated in the best way and taken out of your ducts effectively.

Moreover, ensure that the filter system in your furnace has UV lights. UV lights are extremely effective in killing bacteria and getting rid of mold spores. This kind of filter system in your furnace can kill 90% of the bacteria, massively improving your air quality.

2. Change Your Air Filters

The air filters in your HVAC system require regular replacements. Air filters are responsible for filtering the entire air volume in your house. Because these filters are the first line of defense against pollutants, they can soon accumulate dirt and debris and would need to be changed. If you leave a dirty air filter in your HVAC system and do not change it, it can actually worsen your air quality and act as a reservoir for these pollutants, contaminating your air.

3. Get Your Ventilation System Cleaned

Another great way to improve your indoor air quality is by simply letting the stale indoor air out and replacing it with the refreshing natural air from outside. But that does not mean you should open your doors and windows for cold, unfiltered air to come in. You should let the heat recovery ventilator (HRV) do the job. An HRV gets rid of the stale and unhealthy air from your environment and replaces it with filtered fresh air from the outside.

4. Get Your HVAC System Inspected Annually

Another way to improve the air quality in your house is by getting an expert services HVA provider to take a look. An expert services HVAC would inspect your HVAC system and also clean your ducts, getting rid of any dirt, debris, pollutants, and hair particles accumulated in your ductwork. An HVAC inspection is recommended at least once every year.

So call our New Sarpy HVAC services for a thorough HVAC inspection, maintenance, and cleaning. They will clean all the components of your HVAC system so that only clean and healthy air circulates through your house.

New Sarpy HVAC Services

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